What's your setup?

Suddenly really curious to know everyones theme/ font / sound / quote combo! Personally I alternate between sunset and pretty princess classic, life savers font, legacy sounds, and book openers quotes! Currently aiming for exhibitionist reward theme

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  • Legacy icon
  • Heatmap theme.
  • San Francisco font (more legible than Helvetica).
  • Tiny font size; everything else is way too big.
  • Not quite settled on sounds (might end up turning it off).
  • As for quotes, I don’t see them often enough to feel strongly about which; but I do love them. Perhaps I need to make new lists more often.

I wish there was a way for folks to share their Clear list productivity hacks: ways that they have their lists setup for time management and efficiency. Would be super helpful. Thanks!

Here’s my current setup:

Flying Monkey
San Francisco - Medium
Classic icon


Currently using the Luminova theme, but I keep toggling between Twilight and checking to see if Sunset got fixed. Still holding out for Black Coffee from the beta though.

San Francisco, tiny. It just seems the easiest to read for me.

Book openers quotes, but holding out for the devil quote pack from beta.

Dopamine+ for now, but will switch to the orchestra/strings sounds attached to the “Patron of Indie Arts” reward as soon as I can.


Theme: Ultraviolet Classic (+ theme icon)
Font: San Francisco, small
Quotes: None
Sounds: Island Sunset


Another Ultraviolet here, by far the best theme :sunglasses:

Theme: Ultraviolet Classic
Icon: Notes, but waiting to unlock Fashionista
Font: Helvetica small, but waiting for a better font
Sounds: Piano
Quotes: Joy


Theme: Night Owl Classic
Icon: Night Owl Classic
Font: Helvetica tiny
Sounds: off
Quotes: default