Classic “Heat Map” Theme?

Enjoying trying the new Clear beta. Great work so far! I especially like being able to change the font back to San Francisco.

I was hoping it would be possible to bring back the OG color scheme “Heat Map” I like it better than “Dawn”, which is less saturated and leans a little more toward purple.


Agree. Even after all these years, it looks just right.


It does. I loved the blue menu and red lists in the OG. The heat map themes are the only ones I use. “Fire and Ice” is my go-to now.


Chances are rising this will happen. Thinking about setting aside some dev time to support rainbow theme + a set of ‘legacy’ themes for updating users complete with the classic black completed area. (And Helvetica will definitely be an automatic unlock for updaters too.)


Well thank you so much!! Clear Beta has just today made the jump to my iPhone dock

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Did the icon from Heatmap change in the most recent beta? I swear to god it used to be more square, like the classic, and now it’s sadly rounded. I would gladly pay to have the original icon (the original original) as an in-app purchase, if I may suggest it.

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It did, we separated it out, but don’t worry for all past customers it is planned to unlock immediately when you upgrade. (We’re just trying to have the ‘match theme’ app icon option consistently be the simple style but matching colors of the theme, and anything more elaborate let you pick as its own icon.)