Referrals thread - claim a gift

If y’all don’t mind…

Trying this out in the latest version: Claim your welcome gift in Clear

Claim your welcome gift in Clear Pretty please!

I would like to collect all rewards I had before changing iPad.

However, in April I will get the new iPad Pro (M3) it would be nice to be able to recover everything I had collected instead of starting from the beginning every time. That’s just a feedback

Make a full backup of your old iPad and restore it on the new one, that’s all it takes. :smile:

Wondering this as well.


I’ve collected six invites, but it’s definitely rare

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Here’s mine again if anybody wants.

Worth a shot!

  1. Tap the link, and let the webpage load
  2. Tap the top button, and install clear
  3. Tap the bottom button to claim a gift

Alright then, here goes.

I’ll give it another go, why not: Claim your welcome gift in Clear


Because all the cool kids are doing it…

Figured I’d try again since there’ve been a couple bug fix updates, maybe it shook something loose — anyone willing to click on my referral link and find out?

I would really appreciate your help with this. Thank you in advance for your help and time.

Ive got a question about referrals. Does each invite need to be unique? like can i post once on a football forum im on, asking people to try the app, knowing at least half a dozen will do it, or does each request need to be a unique link?

Your referral link is always the same, you just need different people to use it…
So, yeah, post once and hope for the best. :smile:

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@phillryu have you considered a two-way referral system, in that when a person clicks on a referral link it progresses their rewards in addition to the other person’s rewards?

Trying again after bug fixes. Thank you in advance to anyone who clicks.