Is it possible that my refer code has changed and it no longer works?

Hi! I installed the new Clear on my phone, then on my iPad to try it. Before installing it on my phone, my refer code on my invitation links was Claim your welcome gift in Clear. After installing it, it became Claim your welcome gift in Clear.

I uninstalled the iPad client, yet my iPhone client now only gives me the second aforementioned refer code, and perks don’t seem to be unlocking.

Is there anything I can do?

Update: I’ve done some debugging with a friend and none of the codes appear to be working for me. No matter what we do, or what code we use, I get no gifts after the install. He does get his after he accepts the invitation. Weird…

Same, mine hit for 1 out of a confirmed 4.

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Ok yeah I think it is possible there is some bug here. (I’m hoping not for most people, but perhaps for some people with multiple devices etc.)

Honestly going to have to revisit this after we make more progress on the data migration issues popping up here and there but thank you for putting it on our radar/reporting it here!


Thanks! Is there a way for me to unlock rewards right now? I really wanted to get my hands on Chicago FLF haha :sob:

But yeah, I agree, the data issue is a more important one, by far. We can revisit this one after you’re done with that one, thanks!

In general we try to keep rewards unique etc. so there is no alternative unlock method for that one!

I see. Out of curiosity, I reinstalled the iPad app, and some codes appear to have impacted there instead? Not all of them tho. Reporting it in case it’s useful somehow.

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Thank you, that is helpful.

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Cool! I will try to do some extra tests with my brother’s phone later today, when I visit him. I will let you know if there’s something else I can deduce from this.

Interesting fact 2: Installing the beta app via TestFlight on my iPad gives me yet another refer code, different from the two previous ones.

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