THANK You! HELP claiming the gifts!

Thank you so much! I love clear and have it since 2016 at least! I was sooo excited about the new Clear! Thank you so much for it and for the hard job you guys are doing to solve all of our issues! I really appreciate that! Keep the awesome work! I will wait for the iCloud function :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2: . Since this is a really modern minimalist and elegant app I hated how the letters jump when you scratch out a thought, BUT its not that important!

I would really use some help claiming the gifts! I have sent the app to at least 6 people but I just cant claim anything!


It should register progress for the people who redeemed it in their app. You may have to revisit the Gift Clear section to trigger an update, I think it checks when you go there or launch the app, something like that so it isn’t constantly polling servers.

I guess the letters jumping you mean when you pull to clear away all your completed stuff? If so that animation is definitely one of the more crazier ones in the app lol. Likely we’ll tone it down a bit over time.

At least 3 people downloaded the app through my link, but managed to pick up one reward. I go to the giveaway item every day and still haven’t gotten my prizes for the invites.

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