Alternative Ways to Get Invitation Bonuses?

Hi, is there any way to obtain the items in the ‘Gift Clear’ section aside from inviting people?
The eighth ‘Fanatic’ beach theme looks pretty cool, but unfortunately it seems unlikely for me to find eight invitees.
Can I look forward to the day when they become available through purchase or randomly drop (I heard it’s a thing), or are they something I have to strive to get?

If someone knows a way around this please let me know. I’ve also invited around 10 people and I’ve only got a few rewards even when each person installed and clicked the reward link.

I came across this post and I agree, I don’t want to just send invites to people I know and most of them would get annoyed by that sort of thing. The gift theme rewards would be nice to have, though.

I was surprised that I may be able to answer this question because I do believe I already own one of the Gift Clear rewards already from the Shop. I circled both in red, which is the Gamified sound unlockable. Hopefully this means we can find the other invite rewards in the Shop!


Oh yeah, I can confirm this at my end too. Seemingly the devs are busy dealing with critical bugs and we could get no official word, but I’d sit back and wait until the desired one pops up. Hope yours too!

Oh whoops… hmm in general the gift clear rewards are meant to be exclusively attained by spreading Clear. That said, it is totally meant to be more of like over the year(s) as you use Clear and introduce it to a friend here or there etc. Not meant to pressure you all into hard sales tactics!

I have no problems if some of you want to set up a thread in this forum to exchange links amongst each other though.

And yes the release version seems to have a bug with the links too, I think you can get the first reward but more are bugged… hoping to fix that in 2.0.2, or even live from server if we’re able.

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