How do u get the gift/recommendation/install rewards if u already have the app?

My favorite thing about the new app is unlocking all the new themes through rewards, i was curious what rewards are given to new installers from the gift feature so i clicked on the ‘Claim Gift’ from the link and the app showed a few gifts pop up on the bottom quickly (I think i saw a theme called ‘blueberry’ among others)

at least i believe thats what happed because the pop ups were quick

but i don’t see them anywhere in my personalization inventory or in the to be completed rewards list. where did they go? can you not access them if u already have the app? it would be a bummer to know there was a cute theme that i cant access bc i already have the app downloaded.

the rewards are so fun, i almost wish there was a clear app wiki page that listed all the possible rewards.


You should be able to find them if you navigate to Personalize, then Themes etc. If you haven’t checked those sections out since unlocking something they should be tagged with “New”.

I think what you’re referring to is a bug? Saw it mentioned elsewhere on here today, and it happened to me too. Got extra banners for things I didn’t unlock after unlocking something else.

could be, when i clicked claim gifts on the gift webpage it took me back to the app and a bunch of unlocked rewards i didnt know about popped up and said they were rewarded but then i couldn’t find them anywhere. (im not talking about the gift gifts like ‘early adopter’ and ‘ trend setter’. oh well.

edit: yeah i just went through installing it on another phone and opening the gift link on a newly downloaded app and while it showed a lot of new themes at the bottom (‘ruby’ theme and ‘vanilla’ theme and a font) they are nowhere to be found in the app not in rewards or personalize.

I am sure I have at least the second and third but I can’t claim it for some reason:(

As in they never marked as completed? (And I assume the people that you sent links to were new people who hadn’t claimed one before.)

Honestly I am thinking of scrapping this, it’s a little complicated for what it is and I wonder if the time to debug and fix all this might be better spent elsewhere… (these reported issues are hard to reproduce.) Would redistribute the current unlocks elsewhere if so.