Referrals thread - claim a gift

Hi everyone, I hope you are well!
I thought I would set up a referrals thread for those who need some help with this.
To kick it off, here is my referral code:

  1. Tap the link, and let the webpage load
  2. Tap the top button, and install clear
  3. Tap the bottom button to claim a gift

Here’s mine!


Mine if a few people want to click it :slight_smile:

If you don’t mind :smile:

I’ll click yours if you click mine :upside_down_face:



Here’s mine :slight_smile:

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Mine too please - thanks!

Here’s my link — having too much fun with these collectibles, would greatly appreciate any help!

Has anyone actually managed to collect rewards in the app as a result of posting their links here?

I haven’t, and I assume I won’t since anyone who’d be on this forum probably already has the app downloaded!

I installed it via my link on my missus iPhone. Didn’t get anything :thinking:

There was an older post about the same problem, so I think the issue will be fixed in a future update. I hope it does because I would like some of the referral rewards like the blue & green gradient one (I think it’s called Hillside theme).

Here’s mine: Claim your welcome gift in Clear