Gift Clear workaround?

There is currently a bug affecting some of us where gifting Clear is not resulting in an unlock of the corresponding award(s); in my case, Backer and Super Fan. This is despite the persons gifted having downloaded Clear 2 and then clicking the “Claim Gift” and them having received their rewards. I have every expectation that the bug will be fixed, at some point, although perhaps not in such a way as to recover previously “lost” rewards.

So, my question is… :slight_smile: is this feature implemented in such a way that there is a workaround to getting these rewards? If one uses Clear on an iPhone, and happens to have an iPad, would installing/redeeming/deleting repeatedly on the iPad allow one to claim the lost gift rewards? If that doesn’t work, is there some other workaround that would?

Thank you! :pray:

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I’m not yet sure we will be able to fix this quite that cleanly / restoring but I noticed someone started a thread for sharing links here, I bet if you post yours there you’ll get a couple soon: Referrals thread - claim a gift - #7 by MesaVerde

Oh sorry just realized we might have further fixing to do for your case since it’s jammed up! But I guess after we get to that.


I gifted to 7 people. 5 of the 7 (that I know of) have downloaded clear 2, but I only ever received the first milestone.


Hello! Just wanted to make sure this issue has yet to be fixed, as I downloaded 2.1 but am still getting the error message (“Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid.”) when I have someone click on “Claim Gift.”

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