Personalization Becomes Black Hole

I have become hyper focused on the app and what it can do and how, rather than getting things done! That’s a major con for me!

The reward facet is crucial for me and the personalization is a black hole. I think I need a better tutorial and/or the ability to format text as I do when entering text in Notes. And rather than icons and fonts as rewards I think stickers of praise and encouragement that pop up with the quotes would be more effective.

I came here looking for how to adjust my font size within a list. I found a tip that worked partially. So I continued to look for more information. Which led to reading way too many posts. Which led to creating an account. Which led to getting messages. Which led to needing to read and clear them. Which led to completing or adding to my profile. Which led to realizing I’ve now spent 45 minutes on this rather than working on my list! Which led to creating this post. Which in the exact opposite of what I thought your app would help me do. :pensive:

This sounds very critical and that’s not my intent. This has been part of my experience so far and I hope it is valuable feedback. I also hope that others will respond with answers and instructions on how to better find answers. :blush: Thank you. I hope you have a blessed day!


I think a general ask a question and anyone can answer help thread would be good. I too find out things by accident. at the moment im very confused as to how some get addresses to lead to google map links.

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I would like to do a much better job of onboarding for people who want to quickly learn the ins and outs of the app. My current idea is to take a rough initial stab at some video tutorials, ordered a cheap tripod arm thing to try some tests. Having some quick tutorial videos showing the gestures being done and such up on YouTube and linked in the app could be quite helpful, there’s a lot that’s easy and intuitive to teach in person but very difficult with text descriptions in the app currently!


Thank you! This sounds wonderful. :blush:

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Thanks for your kind support. :blush:

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