First use impressions

Clear might be my favorite app. Incredibly exited to see its rebirth, and to be a part of making it better and a sustainable source of income for you guys. Initial feedback / thoughts:

Pinching to move between levels - I prefer the original animation where the top and bottom of the screen compress but the horizontal width stays the same. The updated animation feels like I’m “zooming out” since both the finger motion and the visual are what I expect when interacting with a photo. I can get used to the new animation, but even that microsecond of dissonance takes away from the intuitive-magic that makes Clear so special.

Font size - I’d love a font smaller than tiny. I’m ambivalent on using font size as a visual indicator for the menu level (vs colors in the original), especially for the list titles since I tend to keep a lot of lists, but I’ll give the new archive a shot and see if that helps.

Collectibles shop - Not my schtick, but I know a ton of people who love this stuff. Would add a way to go back to the default / current design after you’ve selected a preview in the shop (right now you can only alternate between the new ones in the shop)

Tapping above/below an item while the keyboard is up to add new items - looooove this

Selecting text while the keyboard is up - lost this functionality from the original. Would love to be able to select and cut, paste etc.

Other forms of monetization - there’s a small but meaningful segment of users (myself included) that would pay a yearly subscription for very little additional content. You could make it as simple as a unique theme, but know that there are dozens of market analogs that do it for no additional content whatsoever.


Thanks for sharing! Couple notes:

We will look into the tiny size, or adding another small size. I’m clearly biased towards large text myself and want to correct for that lol.

Will try to fix the text selection bug/regression, may even hot fix this week.

Conceptually… I kind of prefer the simplicity of zooming in/out. The origami folding felt a little more specific and less versatile so we kind of ditched it. But yeah I would be curious how it feels with a bit of time. (And maybe check out the tap above home bar to go back interaction too, that’s new but convenient.)

And subscription, yeah if the store falls flat, we will probably need to figure out the best version of this for Clear. I don’t want to go there quite yet but if we need to it’s good to know there will be some support from the community in figuring this out.