As opposed to “load outs”…

I keep trying to insert text into the theme/icon/font menus using the same gesture as everywhere else. I like collecting them and I want to sort my collections into their themes (wines, day/night cycle, etc.)

I think if I could visualize how many of a set I had I’d be more likely to buy any theme that i was missing.

Overall I’m pushing for more ability to use the same gestures in the personalization menu as everywhere else, but this one is something that I intuitively do without thinking about it.


I like ideas like this that lean into Clear as a sandbox. Would love to eventually fill in and round out some of these things.

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In that same vain, I keep trying to move individual items from the list library in the same way you transfer other items. In an ideal world, I’d use the list library like a pallet that refills every time I come back to it. As in, I could take just the things that look good from the journaling lists and put them in my writing prompts folder and they would still appear on the list next time List Library is opened.

I know this is a super intuitive app because its gestures are so consistent that it’s notable when its systems change.

(obviously this is not something for right now but in time, I think it’d be cool!)


I agree… honestly might pull list library in Clear X because I do think it’s underbaked and requires some real fleshing out like that to make it much more useful. (And we are pretty focused on things like restoring sync right now.) In hindsight I wish we just slept on it more and held it in the quiver!