Night mode theme switch

The T800 is hands down the best theme for night mode, so easy on the eyes in pitch black darkness.

I was wondering when the brightness level based theme switching for night mode will be incorporated. If not, maybe a time based switch between day and night mode we could set please? Thanks!


Yeah this one used to be named “Red Eye” for that kind of evening use/vibes.

Thinking on this one, there’s at least three possible triggers. (Screen brightness, iOS dark mode detection, and time of day setting.) Offering all three might be too complicated, and if we started with a single one, probably time of day setting?

There’s also some mounting pressure to maybe hold and consolidate this into a ‘loadouts’ feature… like a new personalize section called ‘Vibes’ where you can save full sets of cosmetics to easily swap between, and perhaps Night Vibes should be there vs. scattered across each personalize section. Location based vibe swapping could be supported eventually etc. Or randomize would work well here, because it would swap between vibes you curated that harmonize well.


love the idea of vibes section… that would allow me to setup a few vibes themes and fonts,etc… swap to selected vibes during the day…

having a time of day trigger is a must I feel… location also (maybe it can all be tied to a focus mode set in iOS?) don’t know if there is an API trigger for Focus mode third party devs can read… When leaving work for example, my home and lockscreen “vibe” automatically changes as I set various Focus modes… It is really helpful to ease ones mindset at times seeing the going home “vibe” on phone lockscreen… having something similar in Clear would make it more automated and requires less tinkering lol.


Ah right, focus modes. I hadn’t been using that myself so has been kind of a blindspot, but it does sound relevant and they probably do have APIs for it, will look into it.

I used focus modes when gaming on my iPad - don’t wanna be disturbed if I’m killing the Zombie Queen!

(Screenshot deleted)

Got it, appreciate the usecase/details. (Btw you can probably go ahead and pull that second screenshot now that I got the example, noticed it has a few of your friends showing.)

I think iOS dark mode detection should be supported at an earlier stage. My impression is, that’s what a lot of people use on their phones. I like that it simply works across most apps and you don’t need to think about changing the schedule for summer and winter time.
Would be interesting if that’s just my perception?


My thinking there is just that there surely is a ton of people who use the mode permanently (preferring dark aesthetics). So it wouldn’t work as the single offered option at least. But it has strong arguments for it being the best option for many people.

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I really recommend trying out the focus modes. Once you get used to it, and maybe rig some triggers to when they activate/deactivate. Like “Work” focus triggering when you arrive at the office, muting all non-work relevant apps and changing the Home Screen to something more focused on the apps you use at work, is just great. Same for a “Personal” focus mode that selects away those work apps for more focused off-time, a “Focus” mode to mute pretty much everything for when you just need to read something / do something that requires full and prolonged focus, and a “Sleep” focus that mutes everything not relevant to things you might need to check from bed.

Enhancing this with shortcuts (from the “Shortcuts” app) makes it even more useful: I have one that triggers when I start sleep mode, for instance, that asks me when to set my alarms (and sets three based on that time), makes sure volumes are turned up how I want them for my alarm, sets the duration of Sleep focus, and a couple of other things. When I arrive at work the office access app opens, waits for a bit then shows me my agenda and todo’s for the day.

In short, I’d love the ability for Clear to interact with these things. It’s like having several phones programmed into my phone.


Time of day would honestly be simple and straightforward and work great!

Also for Focus Modes, please also consider those of us keeping phones permanently on Do not Disturb mode with custom notif settings. I hardly change it for day/night, so time of day would be a much better universal sokution.

And the same with iOS dark modes, not something most would switch with day and night.


If I’m reading this right do you mean that when using iOS in dark mode only the darker themes would be available and vice versa?

I ask because that would limit so many theme options for a person having their OS set to dark or light. I could see it as an option though. Maybe under complications, though it might also be getting dangerously close to feature creep for Clear.

I may be reading your post completely wrong though so pardon if so.

I seem to recall this night mode idea being presented in a Twitter post video during the very very very early stages of the app rewrite for Clear 2. I don’t think it was ever in an actual beta. Just in a video of some of the changes possible. This was ages ago though and I may be wrong.

Funny thinking back that you guys had thought of this as a possibility LONG before Apple actually implemented it as a feature for nightstand mode.

I’ll chime in with a vote for using iOS Focus features if possible. And also, I’m one of those dark-mode-always people.

Irrelevant aside: Is there an area for discussing the forum itself, specifically its design? It seems at some point the new posts indicator went from a very obvious blue messages count to a much less obvious small light blue dot, and I want to complain about that :joy: Am I remembering wrong, or did I accidentally change a setting somewhere, or…? I don’t want to hijack this topic, just want to know where to start a new one.

I think the blue counter emphasizes new activity in a thread you have replied to. The small blue dot is for new replies in a thread you didn’t participate in. So you should see the counter for my reply here

I’m in the automatic light/dark mode camp based on sunset/sunrise. Maybe a poll could be added to see how people use dark mode


I did indeed. Okay, that’s helpful to know. I thought I replied in some of those others, but maybe just read them? Thanks for the info!

I have a feeling with this we’ll just go for accommodating a few different triggers/options, we are kind of cool with that in the right contexts, especially personalization and enabling you to really dial in that perfect coziness.

But I am thinking we’ll pair/save this for when we get to the Vibes feature I’ve mentioned here and there (saved loadouts of theme + font + sound + app icon + quote etc.) So we can make it more manageable to handle the growing complexity of setting up exact setups for Clear with growing collections and easily swap between them etc.

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I’m sorry if I didn’t express myself well.
I don‘t want the user to be limited to a certain set of themes in iOS light or dark mode. I’d rather be able to set one theme or vibe for light and another one for dark mode. I like that you need to set it up only once and it then works across all apps.

But I see that this is a no go for people running dark mode throughout the day, so definitely a need for more than one trigger.

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Oh no worries at all. Just wanted be sure I knew what you meant. Makes total sense. Thanks.

Dumb question here looking for a not-so-dumb answer…. But how do you get the T800 theme? Is it no longer available?

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It’s in the shop inventory, will cycle back in the future! (Though I’m kind of making up Shop Days as I go so can’t offer a firm date.)

In case relevant, there is an upcoming Space day currently scheduled the 20th not with T800, but does have a couple others in that set. Blue/Amber variants.