Night Mode? Or set one theme for day and another for night?

Hey so I’m really enjoying using the Matrix theme as it’s great for use at night time when I want to reduce the amount of blue light I’m exposed to

Would be cool if themes could be set to change automatically with iOS night mode, or if each theme had a night mode variant? I guess this might be a bit of work but would be cool!


We did actually have this feature! (the ability to set a theme to auto change to when it’s dark, triggered by your screen brightness going low enough) … but we turned it off I think to just deal with polishing more the core stuff.

This does make it easier to take it back off the shelve at some point to finish up though… so will think on it.


Yes, please! I think the best and fastest option would be to have a separate theme for Light Mode and a different one for Dark Mode. Clear already has some pretty great dark themes I’d like to set up for Dark Mode!


Chiming in that I think this is the way to go - one for Dark Mode and one for Light Mode (would also use Matrix for Dark Mode - too much glare during the day)

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I also think using the system light/dark mode makes more sense than tying it to brightness.

This won’t be returning/making it for the launch but we’ll be considering it in early updates roadmap. And yeah should use the system dark mode to switch if it returns, I don’t think that was exposed years ago when we originally implemented it.