Theme name inconsistency?

(Relevant background info: My favorite theme for years with both Legacy Clear and now New Clear has been Night Owl.)

I happened to be poking through the menus and looking at the “Rewards” category when I noticed I’m 9% towards unlocking the “Night Owl” theme… but wait, I’m already using Night Owl—and the palette is entirely different. ???

So I just thought it might be worth mentioning here as either a heads up in case this is a mistake, or to get some clarity on which theme is actually Night Owl. :smile:

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There will be a pass of renaming and reorg (or two) as we get close. We’re starting to round out and lock in the planned launch collection and where each will be distributed, themed to pair with the achievement/reward etc.

I think we could be looking at something like 60+ achievements at launch, a bunch set aside for rare drops (now much rarer) and of course plenty of fun exclusives rotating through the shop. It’s a lot :grin:

I believe internally we have replaced the new Night Owl theme with a similar but different “Midnight” theme after developing a more cohesive ‘times of day’ set to pair with some achievements. But the legacy night owl theme should make it to release in some form as well.

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