Themes that change at certain times of the day

A suggestion to be able to set times for themes to change. For example, I love the birthday theme during the day but at night it’s bright to my eyes. I would love a way to automatically change themes either by time of day or with the activation of dark mode.

I’m unsure if this can be done but think it would be great. I understand I can do this manually as I have been the list few months


We did have a feature we were experimenting with where you could select a separate “Night Theme” that would automatically activate if your screen brightness was low enough. (So piggy backing on iOS auto adjusting screen brightness in dim settings.)

I think it’s likely we’ll eventually take this off the shelf and polish and release it but it’s possible it may be more like an early update than the initial release! There was some work left to do on it.


Great! Thanks for that information. I think it would be a great feature that won’t impact the usability of the app but make it easier on the eyes with all those amazing themes.

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This is a good idea.

But then also reminded me to ask if there are themes for the VISUALLY IMPAIRED (e.g., color blindness, high contrast, etc.)

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What about having two theme selections, one for light mode and one for dark mode, then follow the system dark mode setting? Seems like the perfect approach, I keep rushing through the settings to use a darker theme at night after my eyes start bleeding, and in the day when I’m outside and can’t read a thing because of the dark theme that’s still active.