Brightness bug on simple black

i think this is a bug? i’m not sure. i’m using simple black theme and the brightness is higher for the top text but lower as it goes down. i’m not sure if a screenshot will capture that but i haven’t seen anything else on it other than a gradient issue. but i’m almost positive im seeing brighter the higher it is on the list. maybe it’s just the top one that’s brighter than all the bottom ones but i wish they were all the same brightness. i’m on latest version on ios 17.4.

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Looks like that’s a feature and not a bug. It’s like the other themes such as Midnight, for example, where the color of the font slowly changes. It’s clear there that it’s intentional, so I’d assume it’s the same in this case.

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I thought we fixed this! Are you by chance still on the 2.0 betas from a while ago, or perhaps an older App Store version? (We’re on version 2.1.3 now.)

hi, i am on the latest version 2.1.3!

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will his be fixed in 2.1.4 by any chance? it just really bothers my eyes :sob:. any ETA on the update too?

Can you post a screenshot of this maybe with it selected on your theme list? I am not seeing it here on 2.1.3 so I’m confused! Could be some more specific bug we’re not aware of with some specific trigger.


iphone 14 pro, ios 17.4, clear 2.3.1

I tested it out also. Looks like there is a slight gradient from #ffffff at the top to #bfbfbf at the bottom


Is this not intentional?

I did notice that half the solid colors themes have the gradient (Black, White, Monkey, Wizard), and half do not. I like them better without it, personally, especially the latter two.


I was checking with David here, apparently it was intentional but let me look into the consistency. Thinking on what to do!

oh, it’d be great to be just white on black or the option to not have the different gradients

FYI I like the gradient. Might want to make a new theme instead of changing the ones people have been using with no warning

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or a toggle for gradient in general would be a good idea, what do you think?

Hmmm maybe we split the difference and just reduce the gradient? To make it quite subtle.

Starting with those iMac / Chalkboard ‘replacement’ graphic themes we have a system to unlock variants if you bought something before, and we do some kind of serious change to it. But I do think subtler changes that most customers would prefer is on the table, and this one I would like to nail the default, because it’s also a starting set for people new to Clear.

i really love using the app, but the gradient is my only issue. a plain white on black, similar to the iphone’s default apple notes app, would be ideal for me. could there be an option under “personalize” for this in the settings? maybe a toggle to turn the gradient on or off for specific themes or just universal, or even a slider to adjust the gradient intensity to individual preference could be a great solution?

it seems like it was “fixed” in update 2.1.5!!!


Thank you for sharing this, I was waiting for this change! :slightly_smiling_face:

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i’m hoping it was intentional, so that it doesn’t revert back in a future update randomly :sweat_smile: