How to get back/achieve themes from beta? +1 feature req

I was an early beta tester and amassed a number of themes/icons. Not mad they’re gone—actually excited to discover them again, but would like to know with more certainty that they’ll indeed be achievable or on sale at some point. Particularly the dubdub theme (from 2022), and Birthday Cake theme. Those were my go-tos.

On that note, I feel like there’s an opportunity here with ‘light/dark mode theme sets’. The dubdub and Birthday Cake themes were like light/dark complements, so it’d be fun to see an enhancement down the road where Clear auto adjusts the theme per system Dark Mode settings. They could even be sold as a two-pack for a little less than what two separate themes would cost.

Thanks, and SOLID work!

Themes that support light/dark mode would be pretty cool.

I can confirm the birthday cake theme was in the shop yesterday. :birthday: