New blue color for project list is unreadable

Is it just me or the new blue is too bright? It really hurts my eyes. That old blue was a classic


Old was much better

Yeah it could use a little more contrast for sure.

FWIW the next update will unlock some themes that you might prefer in the meantime (I’m liking Ultraviolet Classic).

Hopefully the default theme can be improved down the line.

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I thought we sampled directly from the original colors but maybe we got it off. Will take a quick look at this.

I don’t mind if the old color is ‘updated’, but I’m definitely with the others when it comes to a feeling of decreased readability and “brightness”. It just feels like my eyes are straining a bit.
Maybe split the difference?

You guys were right, something did get mangled in the color values. Will fix this soon.

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I had the early adopters but I don’t have any of the vibrant themes, did it get changed?