Animation in Build 8026?

I noticed when I first open the Clear 2.0 app, it now does a very quick animation from the master default list as if opening to whatever list I usually have open. It doesn’t look intentional.

Normally, the app would just open and display the list you had previously been using.

I can video it if the devs want. Cheers!

I think we just fixed this. Try build 8028 released a few minutes ago!

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It shortens it, but doesn’t get rid of it entirely. I’m currently using the Hillside theme, so the color of the Lists view is green and then the color of an actual to-do list is Blue. As such, I still see the green before the blue and the list items.

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Mine doesn’t glitch in that same way anymore, but it stays a black screen on launch longer than probably intended.

Ok thank you. What device are you running the app on? And do you have a ton of lists in there? Curious as well @r1y3, I’m hoping this will be resolved when we hit up performance soonish.

Current beta version, 16 lists (only one very long), iPhone 7 (which I recognize is the likely answer to any problem I may encounter, lol.) The delay has actually somehow gone back to normal since yesterday though.

Ok yeah, I am expecting we can make that at least 10x faster by launch.

I have 20 lists running Clear version 2.0 (8028) on iPhone Xr running iOS 16.5.1(c).