Early adopter collectibles package

Hey all, we will be submitting a very quick 2.0.1 update to the App Store tomorrow.

This update is mainly about unlocking some starting collectibles for you as a thank you for early adopting + to try to make up for not carrying over your classic theme collections (or beta testing ones).

All of the below will unlock after updating when you first visit the “Personalize” section of the app:

Of course our ongoing top post launch priority is fixing the data issues some of you have seen migrating and recovering any lost lists if we’re able to.

This 2.0.1 just happened to be very low hanging fruit we could prepare for now on the side.

Thank you everyone for your patience and love and support in this launch so far, outside of people upset with data issues and sync/Mac regression which is totally understandable… the early reviews are good!

Got a lot of work ahead of us with the new Clear, to fix things, further refine it, fill in some missing pieces etc. but I have to say, there are some good early signs that this could be that foundation for a vibrant future we hoped it could be, and the launch so far makes me more hopeful despite some of the rockiness :slight_smile:

Also for anyone curious, we saw ~500 cosmetics sold in the shop yesterday. This is totally promising. We’ll have work to do to actually sustain that level of sales or grow it over time, but what it tells me is this could really work. No subscription, free to use and fall in love with now without the $5 upfront paygate, totally sustained by optional cosmetics sales in the shop… no pressure to ruin Clear with feature creep to sell more features. We’ll see!


Nice guesture thanks.

I love this app so much, I really hope we will get at least iCloud backup/restore option.

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This is on our roadmap. Half completed actually but some more work to finish up/ship.

I’m sure you’ve got a ton on your plate right now, appreciate all the responses and the gesture.

Hope it’s all up from here for Clear v2 - there’s nothing else like it. (Well, excluding that copycat app in the Google Play store! Hah).


I do think it will be on the up and up through the year! Very excited to get through the launch issues and start further improving the new Clear with you all.


I know y’all got more on your mind right now, but does anyone know where SF Rounded ended up? Happy to wait ‘til it rolls through the shop, but I thought it was part of the base set. Just wanna make sure it’s not glitched.


Can you advise if “lunar” theme and pencil and paper sound will be unlockable for beta testers once downloading AppStore version?
Thank you and congrats on the official relaunch.

Please bring the Letterpress theme to the new app!


Thank you for the update. I think you have done a wonderful work. The sync feature missing on new release is something but putting some more thought into this I realize that since the phone is somewhere near most of the time sync is not that essential and can wait a bit. Do you still have the CLEA(RED) theme available since it is so nice, at least for my preferences!
Thank you.

I am really missing the hillside theme and the sitcom sound from the beta: would love to get those back. Thanks!

“Strawberry” theme is exactly the “Clear (RED)” theme but in a different name. It was in the shop on Tuesday two days ago.

P&P is in the shop today. Lunar will roll through soon I’m sure.

I was wondering this too. It was an in-app purchase I made waaayyyyy back when. I hit “restore purchases” but it didn’t populate for me.

Lol. Just wanted to report that all 4 of the Newcomer-Enthusiast rewards unlocked as I added list items just now after midnight.

The same thing happened here.

How / where can I check what version I’m on? I got most of those icons, but not the themes :woman_shrugging:t2: thanks

The update isn’t out yet, you can check by going to the app’s page in the App Store and looking at the version history

thanks! I was wondering the same thing. now I know how to check :slight_smile:

We’re hoping to submit the update later today, but I do have to note our priority for the 2.0.1 has shifted to some possible initial fixes for the people who lost their lists in the update/migration now that we have a couple theories. So it’s making it a higher stakes update. I’ll probably post a thread when we submitted it.