Pretty please bring back the rainbow theme ✨

I’m a huge fan of OG Clear as well as the new one and I really miss all the themes I had unlocked back on my iPhone 5S when I got Clear the first time. I lost them over the years migrating to different phones… With the old app having a successor, could we have all the themes on the original app too, just for nostalgia’s sake? Lots are unobtainable. Not sure if I speak for others but I’d even pay a $9.99 iAP or donation for the pleasure. Thanks for making such a great app :slight_smile:


We’re hoping to support it, but it will require some work! (This is just a mockup for now)


I was hoping for the themes in the legacy Clear, haha… I did see that post, though!

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Ah I see, missed the subforum it was in. Honestly we’re trying to focus our efforts on the new Clear because this will be the future for the app. But if we end up supporting the legacy themes, perhaps we could release some nostalgia pack later with old secret ones or something. Not ready to promise them back but something like that could happen.

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Thank you!! I will be hoping :sparkles:

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