Clear 2.0.1: Hot fixes + early adopter unlocks

We just submitted Clear 2.0.1 to the App Store.

This is a fix update focused on Clear 1.x > Clear 2 migration issues:

  • Now scans for additional ‘legacy data’ folder, if it exists will ask to merge in
  • Fixes crash on opening super long lists
  • Fixes launch crash when stuck in a super long list
  • Back arrow glyph added to ‘button’ to help explain itself
  • Now launches anyone migrating data directly into My Lists
  • Early adopter package of starting themes, visit Personalize to claim

If you are still experiencing any serious bugs in Clear 2 after this update, please email us at

We are aware of at least one major remaining issue where you can be stuck on a black screen with background onboarding audio. Hunting this one down!

Here’s the collectibles that will unlock after you visit Personalize after the update:

This does include Helvetica which for your list items will have the classic thin weighting.

Our main focus for 2.0.2 will be any remaining possible fixes for migration issues. We will also be taking a look at a couple possible low hanging “quality of life”. I think I can promise this one will bring back ‘tap the top of your screen to scroll to the top of a list’ shortcut.

Our first launch week definitely turned into that community meme in the forums and especially App Store reviews. Totally justifiably.

However the other day I finally sat down and filtered App Store reviews by 5 stars and read the 40 or so of them in a row and it was quite cathartic! Will have to share those after the dust settles.

I do think we have a good foundation here for Clear’s future once we get through this! Onwards.


Thank you
Need the numbers back on lists I have please


What was my surprise that I managed to open everything before the gifts were announced…

We basically unlocked:

• Most themes in the ‘random rare drops’ pool (small chance on check off/clear)
• All launch exclusives (that we emailed about etc. over the 2.0 test)
• All classic/legacy themes we had ported (Night Owl, etc., also made av. in shop for 2 days until we made plans to unlock them for all)
• Migration bonuses (Helvetica, classic Clear icon, Test Pilot icon)

It was possible to have already collected most of these through different methods and workarounds (e.g. broken/fixed launch collectibles). The rare drops (Oz and cream themes) you would’ve either had to be very lucky, or checked off TONS of things this past week.