More room for todo lines

I like to have as many lines visible to me so no need to keep scrolling. There is a lot of spare room for the heading of the list and space above. Can this be removed to have lines if your todo in? To know which list it is and help with navigation could there be a subtle pop up for a few seconds which tells you the name of the list and disappears?

Thanks and loving the new app so far


I would expect the list header to remain for the 2.0 launch. However I can imagine it becoming a setting in some way in the updates roadmap ahead. This kind of request does fit under the scope of ‘personalization’ as a theme we’re exploring and will continue diving into with the new Clear.

Originally I was actually against the list header myself. My rationale was always ‘you should know the list you’re in from the items in it’. But I softened on this over the years, and feel like there is a coziness in instantly being able to look at the list title and know which one you’re in. So we tried this out and it felt good over time. I would be curious if it grows on you at all!

(P.S. oh also, try the smaller font size options perhaps, as another way to fit more content on screen.)

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I feel like that would’ve been my exact route, being against it in conception then actually growing to prefer it. Part of that is because I’ve been playing around with designing some themes recently and the title section really helps tie it all together and make themes look themeier.

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Intriguing! Curious to see when you’re ready to share.

For real? Nice, I’ll post some tomorrow.

Hi, I’ve tried the tiny size which is too small as unfortunately I have issues with my reading vision due to operation and the small size is a bit too big. A size in between would be great if that was possible? Thanks (: