Formatting should be mentioned in Getting Started

You can format thoughts in Clear to be smaller or larger with a leading space and a trailing semicolon respectively, but it’s not mentioned in Getting Started at all. It took me a while to reverse-engineer how it was done from the List Catalog, without the formatting being used there I might have never known it was an option.


I’d agree with this. In fact the reason i came to the forum today was to try and find out how to make items smaller/larger as I’d seen in the Work list.

Would be great to have a note for that in the Getting Started.

It’s a trailing colon needed to make it larger btw :wink:

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Hi, where is the list catalogue - I can see in one of the Tips quotes that there should be a list in Archive, but I’ve not found it. Thanks

I’m not sure what OP means by list catalog but yeah we should add a tutorial reward for this at some point to onboard it better. Not the kind of thing I want to distract people with right when getting started, but it’s a useful one.

That tip is back from when there was one earlier during the beta and has since been removed so no longer applies. Tip needs to be pulled.


Ah thank you, noting that here.

Hi there,

I notice in the Rewards list, the items show as header and description in subscript. I have tried different combinations of colon and leading space, but unsuccessful. How do I format my list like that?


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Subheader: end an item with :

Smaller caption: begin an item with spacebar / an empty space

We do plan on teaching this better or at least having a Reward for it etc. Just fell through the cracks because it isn’t a ‘must teach’ as much as some others.

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Thanks for your reply. I think I’m looking for a little more advanced formatting, if possible. Below is a screenshot of the Rewards list in my Clear app. Is it possible to format an item in the same way (in one line)?

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Ah! Unfortunately no. I think you just stumbled onto what I like to call a seam in Clear’s design. Conceptually not quite elegant or consistent :slight_smile: We will see what we can do over the years to minimize and remove seams as we go, though sometimes it’s impossible to find a perfectly elegant solution.

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Thank you. I totally understand. Nevertheless, I appreciate all the efforts you and the team put into this app.

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Re headers and smaller items:

  1. Awesome feature! Glad I learned about this from the forum.
  2. Maybe a pre-archived list called “Advanced features” (potentially that unlocks after a certain amount of use) is a sensible and sufficiently unobtrusive place to put instructions for this?
  3. Nitpicking, but when checking off smaller items (with a leading space), the check mark that comes on swipe is the same size as normal items, so it seems oversized for the smaller line height of these items. Same goes for the reminder icon and the delete “X”. Should this be tuned to match the line height?
  4. This doesn’t work with lists. That feels inconsistent in a way that I don’t think embodies Clear, where I’ve come to expect that gestures work on damn near every level (which I love, btw).

Edit: added point 4.

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Good points. This feature I love, but we had kind of spent a few days enabling… years ago and haven’t touched since then. But kept it in because I would really like to return to this and round it out a bit and polish it.

I do plan on better onboarding it, like it should have a reward or two paired and such. Will see how that shakes out as we go after some onboarding low hanging fruit in general the next couple months.

That ‘works when you expect it to’ of 4. is a pretty core pillar to Clear’s sandbox design. We’re way closer to that in general than most apps but not quite 100%! Thanks for raising this one, I hadn’t thought of it before on My Lists level but agree.

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