Do away with hierarchical font sizes

One feature I would like to see - really a configuration request - is to be able to do away with the hierarchical font sizes from settings to list titles to list items. I really like the small font for all items and find the size change distracting and a waste of real estate. Right now in V2 choosing “tiny” still results in pretty huge list titles.


I like this idea…probably preferable to have font preferences consistent throughout if possible.


I like having a few choices, but agree that the HUGE font is too big to be practical.

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I can at the very least promise another pass at tiny and the
huge list titles/scaling. We adjusted that down hopefully quite noticeably
with the latest beta, but could probably do more adjustment. Might also add
another ‘smaller than medium’ notch in the font size choices, and if so
maybe tiny could be even tinier if so! (In terms of what I think we will be
able to address for initial release at least.)

Instead of having 3-4-5 fixed choices for sizes and padding, and given that you guys keep preaching personalization as your grand vision of the new Clear, I find it rather strange (annoying?) that you haven’t given the users full autonomy on that. Just create 2 sliders in the options, one for text size and another for cell padding and be done with that.

Assign a range of font sizes, e.g. 12 - 48 in steps of 2, and a cell padding range of 2 to 20 and call it a day. Just expose the mechanism that controls this part of the UI to the user.

I mean, it has already become rather tedious, us complaining about sizes and “tiny not being tiny enough” and “oh God look at that padding”, and you saying you’ll “have another go” with every new beta.

(Sorry for my tone, honestly NOT mean to insult anyone, it’s just that at my age, well, we sometimes speak without filtering. It’s exhausting, being P.C. all the time)

@phillryu thoughts on the sliders?


Lol honestly a big part of this is probably because it would require a new custom designed slider control. Which feels kind of radical for Clear. But maybe it’s totally fine and the way to go?

It would be a real project as well and I doubt a single day kind of thing. Like for instance you can imagine some complexity with our custom list presentation and as you slide, fonts/row heights changing real time, will have to make that feel nice etc.

I would probably feel more excited about a slider if there are a number of other places where we could really use one.

Sound volume could definitely be one. I wonder if there are any others.

Sorry kind of rambling thoughts aloud here. I guess I kind of dig the thought of it, but yeah it would be good to have more uses for it and probably more for updates roadmap because of the cost involved vs. current.

The idea of custom sliders got me thinking… What if the list item gradient bars in this settings page were the sliders?

It may break the illusion of solid, full-width bars that exist everywhere else in the app, but I tried to think of a way of leaning into the existing aesthetic so as not to pull the user too far out of the experience, and still give the option to adjust settings incrementally.

I’m not sure how many variables would need or benefit from this approach, but I threw in as many as I could think of to try and illustrate the idea.


This is a very very cool take and idea. It’s wild how creative you all are and how well you understand the app.

Possible there’s some issues with it but I just love the energy of it on first glance. Will be sleeping on it!


Please do! (Sleep on it)

It really does look good in the mockup!
@joeb congrats!!


Just voicing my agreement. I have dozens of lists and it’s much harder to scroll through them and find the one I’m looking for since the font size is too large even when I set it to “small” (and don’t want “tiny” because that is too small within the lists)

Will we ever have nested lists? That would be amazing…

Yes! I recruited my beloved to using Clear. And her first issue with the new version is the cell padding/kerning. She really wants to make her lists more compact and I have to say that I agree. I love the idea of a panel of sliders so you could get everything just right for your particular set of eyes and hands.

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Are you all ‘Tiny’ text option users? In general I’m thinking of slimming down the rows some more for that option as an initial fix.

Nested lists… I know some people could get great use out of it, but I have always felt there are a lot of people who will make complex hierarchical messes out of it that are very brittle to maintain/change. I’m a never say never guy, but that’s been a foundational concern and intentional constraint since Clear 1.0. (And these intentional constraints I really do think are why most of you love Clear vs. the other apps.)

Tiny is too small within the lists, i have it set to the small setting

Another idea would just to have them grouped so they’d all be on the same screen but could be divided up into sections. I have a hack for this already by adding empty lists titled “———————“ as dividers. But it would be nice to be able to collapse those sections. So essentially just nesting limited to 1 level deep? Anyways just an idea, i know there’s higher priorities right now

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I love the Tiny size, and as the OP mentioned I would love to see the ability to have the same font size throughout the app.

Another Tiny size user here, would also love having the ability to use it throughout the app.

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