Headings and small type in lists. How do you do that?

How do I do those huge headings? And the tiny text?

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Oh man this one is both super sneaky and kind of rad in the implementation. Tiny text happens when you leave a space as the first character and headings happen when you end with a colon.

I only found this out when I imported a list with both into my lists and fiddled about.


Thanks for sharing the secret. What other secrets am I missing?

Haha didn’t mean it to be THAT sneaky, I think we mention it in the tutorial list? But there’s a lot in that list to absorb.

Glad you all enjoy, it is definitely a feature that has natural ways to expand and feels very ‘Clear’ in being invisible when you don’t need it, and right there when you do.


It doesn’t seem to be in the tutorial list, but it’s brilliant and I’m glad I stumbled across this and learned!

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