Disable title when viewing a list?

Is there a way to disable the List titles when in the actual list? The To Do title seems unnecessary at that point. I’d rather see only the items, not the title, once I’m in that list.

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Shared some thoughts on this in another thread recently:

I wonder if it might grow on you at all, but if not, I would say there is some possibility of a setting in the future but probably more in updates after initial release.

Curious how strongly others in the community feel about this as well.

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Thank you. Makes sense it could be a personalization option down the line. I prefer a simpler list (no title) because my To Do list is typically quite long and there is some real estate lost there, especially with the necessary larger title font. That being said, it makes sense for people who will definitely use more than one kind of list. I probably won’t, but am not completely ruling it out. Maybe it’s too much to ask to keep some kind of “simple” or “retro” mode… that looks like the original/current version. Hard to strike a balance with enhancements, I know, but the simplicity of use is what made me such a fan of the current version.


Yeah we have been investing in this ‘retro’ direction some. The next TestFlight will actually largely feature the return of the original Heatmap theme. Still with the list title, but with the familiar black in the completed area etc.

And definitely plan to unlock this (and support other legacy themes) + Helvetica out of the gate for users updating to the new version.


I agree. I prefer having it the way the old Clear did, it was really small, it was enough to let you know which list you were in, but not taking up precious space like the new headers do. So, +1 for an option to hide them / make them like Clear 1.

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I had actually forgotten it was in small print above the list. I strongly prefer this approach to showing the title. Not sure if all the other bells and whistles will outweigh the appeal of this uncluttered version enough for me to upgrade.


I do not think we would bring back that ‘small text over black background’ in the new design. That was not in the original Clear either and was added on later by another designer and I honestly consider it actually a more cluttered design, adding on other styles/UI concepts vs. extending on the list itself which the title is a part of.

If we eventually address this it would probably more likely be an option to hide the list title entirely while you’re in a list, as the original Clear once did.


Thank you for acknowledging that text over the black background was added later. I couldn’t remember how it looked initially, but I knew something was different. I feel vindicated. lol

Also, please don’t go back to that design…