New Clear vs Legacy Theme

I’ve tried probably 100 todo apps and Clear has always been a favorite and the one I open for Right Now / Today / Get Stuff Done! I like the relative simplicity of it and especially the clean look and feel. This is a MUST-HAVE option if I’m going to continue to use it - no bubblegum colors or chunky fonts for me.

The Heatmap theme and San Francisco font are in there right now.

It’s not the same. Fonts are slightly different size and colors are slightly different as well. What is also throwing me a little is how BIG the list title is now. Seems to be a waste of screen space and also there’s no contrast between the title and the first list item. I’m all for choices but if I’m going to have choices I want more control. It’s a personal thing but I’ve abandoned a number of apps because of the UI choices they’ve made.

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You can set the font to tiny and choose Helvetica font and it looks so close to the old Clear: