MacOS Sonoma Widget?

Was wondering if making a Clear widget available to Sonoma (upcoming MacOS release) might be a simpler way to get some sync functionality without having to support iCloud sync (which you have mentioned is a tremendous overhead). They mentioned in the keynote that the MacOS widget would pull the widget info from the user’s iPhone, so it wouldn’t need a separate Mac app (although I would love this! just to be clear) anyway, might provide a way to allow people to see and possible edit their Clear lists on Mac without creating another product.


This. I was also thinking about it when they (Apple) mentioned this functionality. The thing is we don’t know yet how much interaction those widgets will support. I can see them showing info of a specific list and crossing off items. I have doubts they would allow complicated things like switching lists and adding tasks. But we’ll see…


Wow, fascinating. I was not aware, thank you for bringing this on our radar! We do plan to scout out widgets with the new features announced at WWDC, but we were thinking probably for an early update since we’re hoping to launch ahead of next iOS launch. But yeah very interesting.

I feel like the most awesome thing is if they let you type into widgets on Mac, and it could sync that back to your Clear lists on phone in that way. But I’m going to reserve about 2% hope that is the case… if anyone knows definitely chime in.