Was once my favorite app; now unusable until there is iCloud syncing between iOS and MacOS

What’s the status of any progress on implementing iOS and MacOS syncing? Any Date Estimations? Would like to use the app again.


Although it’s not ideal, I’ve found the Widget solution to be a reasonable temporary replacement.

Was once my favorite app; now unusable…

Would like to use the app again.

Objectively, the app isn’t “unusable”. You can download and run Clear on your iPhone right now. I’ve been using it without any issue for over three months now. What you’re actually saying is that you refuse to use an app on iOS until you can simultaneously use it on another operating system. Sync is planned for later this year.

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Yes the widget is a temporary workaround solution for a list of 7 items.

Good to hear that sync is planned for later this year. It would once again become a favorite app.

What’s the widget solution?

The latest MacOS lets you add widgets from your iPhone, and they’ll mirror their widget data. You can’t edit or type in things from Mac but you can view your lists as they are on iPhone.

And yeah @zebonaut can’t quite commit to ‘it’s shipping this year’ but I can say we are actively scouting and building a prototype syncing engine now. I am really hoping it turns out to be something we can at least begin testing in some form with some of you this summer, but it’s still quite early to say.


I’m also missing syncing a lot. But it’s still a very usable app. (And using it is fun.)