Widgets available?

I am a brand-new user, and I saw discussion of displaying the widget on my Mac (since that version is no longer available). Is that still possible? I don’t see any widgets available on my iPhone after having installed v2.2.4 (latest in App Store).

Is your phone not updated to iOS 17? I do think the widgets require this. (And widget mirroring requires latest Mac OS major release.)

My phone is a 14 Pro with iOS 17.5.1.
My Mac is running Sonoma 14.5 - I hope that’s the latest, I keep them both updated.

When I long-press my phone desktop, I get a Widget selector, but nothing from the Clear app.

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Those do seem to be up to date. Hmm. Are Clear widgets showing up on your phone when you add a new one there?

I don’t know what happened, but I am now able to add the widgets on either phone or laptop. Thank you for your willingness to help!

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