Clear Web? This is exciting

Full focus on consolidating the great return of Clear on iOS. Roger that.

How about a Web Client for those work times where we don’t or can’t have our iPhones on us?

We’ve been waiting for you. :wink:


Thank you for waiting so patiently :smiling_face:

Syncing feels like a pretty massive project for us to nail (to power that behind the scenes), but maybe we will find someone made the right tool for our needs if we look around again. We are going to have too build back up to this feature though, and make sure it’s more robust than the old syncing in Clear ever was.

Once we have a syncing plan we would be thinking about other platforms. Web would be probably higher on our list than our Apple users would imagine! It feels like it could support our list sharing plans (with Android friends or partners and such) while letting users quickly type in some lists here or there from Mac too as a stopgap until we can prepare native new Mac design.

Bumping this. Web and/or Windows support is a must-have feature for me.

Or I mean, a desktop app? How amazing would that be. With widget support… Drool