Love from San Antonio

Hey Impending team!
Just wanted to leave a quick message saying thanks for working on this app, and thanks for sticking to your minimalist guns! I’ve tried many different apps and productivity methods, and I have to say I’m EXCITED for this app. I can’t put it down. You make it so addicting to use the gestures, and then the rewards just add another layer to the whole thing. I’m considering staying up late tonight just to get some progress on my Insomniac reward.

Seriously guys, great work. I’m neurodivergent and this app just ticks so many boxes for me in so many ways. I cannot wait to support you guys when the full version launches. You guys are based out of Austin? I’m in SA!

Let me know how I can buy the team some breakfast tacos, or a pie from Homeslice.


That’s so awesome to hear! I do hope it strikes a chord ten years later in today’s App Store like that.

We’re a little scattered around but a couple of the team are in ATX yeah. Being indie there’s only Apple taking a cut so 1 cosmetic purchase will equate to about one breakfast taco once the store is live :smiley: