Reward for minimizing main screen

Admitting up front that this is ridiculous but I think on brand. If you are on the top level menu, you can keep hitting the back button repeatedly, like a mini game, and the menu slowly fades into the distance. I think you should get a reward if you make it small enough/disappear.


Oh you must’ve not gone far enough, there is a reward :troll:


I’ve made it small enough to disappear completely. How much further do I have to go? And what’s the reward?


There isn’t one, note the troll emoji @ClearPowahUser used.

They have said the next time they add rewards there’s a good chance this will be one of them though.

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Haha this is the kind of forum trolling I think is fair play here :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah we kind of left this in with a future secret reward to pair in mind. I think we just need a bit of a quiet period to design a nice set to intro in an update. Should be a really fun one though when we get to it.


I did receive a reward, it was mild amusement :smile:


Yeah I was working with Austin Sarner that day, his first hit app when he was a kid was AppZapper, an uninstaller for Mac. If you dropped AppZapper into itself to zap it would warn about ripping a hole in the space time continuum. We like this kind of derp.