Lost legacy goodies

First of all, congrats to you Phil and all the Clear team!! This new version of Clear is such an accomplishment and I’m so happy about it - the few setbacks are part of the process and you’re doing a great job dealing with those.

Yesterday when I opened the new Clear for the first time I got rewarded the Classic icon, the Test Pilot icon, the Helvetica font, and the Legacy sound. I then proceeded to redeem my nine launch goodies (yay!)

When I was done I wanted to make sure the launch goodies got linked to my account for when I’ll change my phone soon. So I deleted the app and downloaded it again. To my surprise: nothing. When I downloaded the app it was as if it was the first time… none of my icons, themes, fonts, and sounds had synced.

The worst part is that I lost the legacy icons, font and sound and have no way to redeem those :sob: Please how can I get them back? :sob:

Thank you so much for your help!


We really don’t have syncing yet, though we will try to get some simple auto/daily backup system in soon. For the legacy stuff, go ahead and use the release version. I’m thinking about simply unlocking a bunch of stuff for everyone in 2.0.1 as a thank you + sorry for not carrying over previous collections and we should probably include those too.


I’ve been wondering about the same thing myself. Thanks for sharing your findings. Will be careful not to delete my app anytime soon.

Btw, love your username haha

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