Beta testing rewards didn't port to GA version

Hi there! I was a beta tester and I read that rewards (icons, themes, etc.) from the beta app would be transferred to the GA app, but they are not showing up. I downloaded the GA version a few days ago after I stopped being able to access the beta. Any help is appreciated! I really liked the reward themes & icons I had amassed!

Ah crap, sorry to disappoint… we did not carry over the rewards (or beta free shop purchases). This is one of those things where if we could rewind, would’ve delayed launch further to handle this.

There are a number of free unlocks still active to get you an early boost in the collection:

And if you remember the name of your favorite theme or icon, I will see if I can generate a promo code for you as a one time thing.

Ah, okay no worries! I can’t remember the names of any but it’ll be fun to work on earning them again!

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Sorry, quick follow-up, the links you sent don’t work. It just takes me to the club clear page:

I think the ones in the second post (clearx ones) might need to copy/paste them into safari, forum software was breaking it. Sorry about the hassle, I will try to sit down and update these links in that post at some point but rushing to wrap up some things before dinner!

No worries! The links didn’t work when copy/pasting them but it’s not a huge deal! Appreciate your quick responses!!

Try this, it works for me

It still just takes me to the main page :sob: so weird!

You have to paste it into Safari. It doesn’t seem to work consistently in Chrome. Looks like you’re in Chrome in your screenshot.

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That’s gotta be it. Didn’t cross my mind that web browser would be an issue.

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That worked! Thank you so much.

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Appreciate you all figuring this out! Helpful to know with Chrome for future support too with the support URLs we have.

Same thing happened to me except my lists disappeared too :cry:

Edit: and any unlocks I had from the Legacy app!

Are you lists by chance in the Archive? (Accessible from home level of the app.) If not send me an email at linking this post.

If we could get the promo link to unlock DubDub theme I would be so appreciative​:face_holding_back_tears::pray:t3:


I personally think if the Dub Dub theme does not appear in the store before WWDC24, it would be a great reason to please all of us with the unlock on June 10.


This is a great excuse to hold it now until WWDC. The myth will build.

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