Themes, sounds and gifts from the old version of Clear

I would like to know if all the rewards obtained with the old version of Clear are compatible with the new one. After updating to Clear 2, a dozen themes and some sound effects that were unlocked in the old version disappeared, is there any way to restore them or are they lost forever?


Me too also have the QR codes to unlock but they do t seem to work like this for instance

It’s a basically a new app, so all those old themes and stuff are gone. Even though I paid for all those extras and collected unlockables in the original release, I much rather prefer having this updated/supported for years to come.

As mentioned in the Launch thread, about 8 posts down, you can use those links to paste to download those bonuses, since the QR code is being wonky.

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Please bring back the old themes and unlocks form the previous version wasn’t aware I would lose those just recently purchased the 8-bit sound pack that’s lost now along with older purchases I would like back.

Please help/restore original features and the swipe up to go back isn’t working would prefer a option to select tap or swipe.

Overall a great update but not pleased to see some core features gone that killed the vibe.

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