Keep Theme Purchases from Beta Testing?

Will we get to keep the themes we’ve earned or ‘purchased’ in the store during beta testing? I absolutely love some of the ones I’ve found (Ocean Depths, Ocean Shallows, Sunset and Twilight for example!) and it would be such a shame to have to track them down/earn them all over again after all this work!


Well definitely:

• Any launch collectibles links you have, we’ve given out here or there in emails etc.
• Exclusive Test Pilot icon, possibly matching theme

Store purchases will definitely not transfer over, I would just take it as a free demo period to get a feel for your favorites you can snipe after release. The random loot drops probably not either.

But I am hoping to let you all carry over reward progress into the release version and collectibles paired with them, as long as that doesn’t cause bugs/complications here!


I had unlocked themes like Meaty’s in testflight version on old phone which I still have but I don’t see a way to export data of themes and icons from test flight version to new app? List have exported but none of my themes which took many months to unlock progress… already sent screenshots to support email as proof…

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