Loot in memoriam

I definitely understand why it was removed in the new update, but I’m going to miss the dopamine rush of a little extra surprise. Looking forward to the new rewards or whatever replaces it!


I would be pretty surprised if we haven’t added 20-30+ rewards by the end of the year! It will come in waves or batches mostly though as reward unlocks benefit from some stewing time. For good pairing ideas to bubble up, we like the unlocks to thematically match the achievements.

For anyone curious:

The random loot drops were intended to just be a nice extra layer of fun and surprise and a bit of a ‘starter set’ you would piece together in the first few weeks, but in practice the randomness of them popping up made them feel a lot less rewarding and more arbitrary feeling I think. (Or even confusing at times.)

(I also think we overdid the starting minimalism, e.g. just Heatmap, Simple Black and Simple White unlocked out of the gate for color themes. In my mind I was trying to stage out the first time you unlock a full screen colorful theme and try it on, like Wizard of Oz turning color :smiley: But in practice it feels better having some set of fun colors to play with immediately, especially with how important those first few moments with an app can be.)

Some of the original rare loot pool we may simply unlock for everyone as we basically did for most of the Oz theme set. I just have to look over and curate it a bit.


Focusing on adding new rewards vs the random system makes sense to me. Maybe worth asking people here for ideas on rewards?


Yeah this could be a fun puzzle for the community to help solve, maybe I can post a list at some point of rewards in consideration (as in their unlock conditions) and see if you all have fun collectible ideas to pair with them.