Please add new Rewards

Please add new rewards . It would be great.
I have almost all done.
Like many other users too… I think…


I believe they are already sufficient, also because it would become a game and not an important app like clear


This app is already a game :wink: which can be updated with new rewards


I disagree, version 1 had this too but they were simple bonuses. The rewards thing is nice, but if it becomes an important aspect of the new app it makes everything less serious as well as having two useless menus that don’t go away (rewards and gifts). The customization issue is fundamental for Clear but the shop already exists for this…

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That’s the problem. You now have us addicted to getting the rewards.

In some ways though to give more rewards you would have to think of something other than font icon and quotes that you can add or change in the app.

Will definitely be adding more, I guess trying to pace or distributed in some way so you don’t go through intense flurries of unlocks. Right now I’m interested in adding:

• Some missing ‘tutorial’ ones, quick and meant to help teach
• A whole selection of ‘secret rewards’ that are more niche and specific hidden triggers to unlock
• At some point this year a big rewards collection to add for ‘end game’ and unlocking over longterm regular use. We have a couple like these, but obviously over time there would be more emphasis to fill these out.

Thinking of splitting rewards into sublists like “Tutorial”, “Expert”, “Master”, “Gift Clear” and “Secrets” as these stack up so it’s not a single overwhelming list.

We do also have a couple other ideas for other new types of personalization options/categories, and some ideas to make the existing themes, quotes etc. more useful over updates. (Like how 2.1’s returning widgets will let you theme each of them separately to any theme you’d like.)

And for people not interested, in the future we hope to enable ‘archive anything/everything’ including settings and menus you never use. That’s a non trivial project though so probably later on.

BTW I have worked on a number of projects over my career with varying degrees of ‘gamification’ to it. (MacHeist bundle sale, Hatch virtual pet, even Sticker Pals, Clear 1.x and 2.x etc.)

The #1 concern with adding a layer of extrinsic rewards, is always possibly sabotaging the intrinsic rewards/satisfaction of the experience in the long run.

With Clear, the interesting thing is unlike a game, its utility does not fade over time, and we have plenty of proof there with 1.x customers having happily listed for like 10 years. So I think this will mean it’s a robust enough foundation for a light layer of bonus treats like this. (And we always felt, some real alignment because there is a natural side of dopamine release and treating yourself after getting things done.)


Add anything you want any reward but please add some :wink: thx and great job

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Will do. I will just note these can take some time, we usually come up with a lot of ‘quest’ ideas, and then over time, we see what collectible unlock ideas come up that would pair well / thematically with the ‘quest’ of it. So that’s why it isn’t more like a regular trickle of new ones each update and for now we have been focused more on shop content, new rewards will come more in batches or waves.