Disabling Loot Drop

Why did you disable the random loot drop? Clear is good, but your actions are unclear. Loot was already very rare, and now you’ve turned it off completely. People who often close tasks will be as unhappy with this decision as I am. Now you have all the emphasis on the store and on updates, which will now be even less judging by the letter that you sent to the email. I’m sure people want some kind of rewards for using the app.

I am very disappointed.

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I posted some more info here: Loot in memoriam

In short it should be more than made up for through the year, and we’ll think on how to keep redistributing them. (Like how early adopters bonus unlocked a bunch from them, or the Oz color themes just unlocked for default now.)

Honestly a better place for them might actually be more for people who have unlocked most rewards already, since they could be both more useful then to keep some surprises and unlocks coming, and also less confusing for veterans. I don’t know! But I would like to think on this some more and figure out a better solution.


In the end it’s a to-do list app, not a game. We already get a billion free items as is, the shop is how they make their money. Come up off that $3.


It’s cool, I genuinely do want Clear to be a great experience even for people who never shop, so I’m curious on how that side continues to feel. At the very least I’m counting on these people to help spread Clear :slight_smile:

I’m not saying the store is bad. On the contrary, it’s a great solution. Many people like rewards, it has its own charm and the app gives an interesting experience from using it.
I’ve already supported Clear and its developers, so don’t poke me that it’s a to-do list app and not a game.

P.S I don’t want to offend Phil with my statement, but Clear lacks a lot of features for easy to-do list management.

What are your top wishlist features there?