Librarian Reward

How do you accomplish the librarian reward please? I’m struggling to find the gesture to move an item from an archive list back to a main list.

Go to the list item in your archive. Press and hold to lift it up, then at the same time, press the invisible back button on the bottom to get to your active lists, and drop it in there.

already tried Doesn’t work

Thank you - I wouldn’t have guessed but worked as you said. Much appreciated.


We’ll be doing a major pass on rewards soon enough, to fix some bugs here or there and also a copy pass to make them more obvious/explicit.

I kind of assume the first time you all open the list it’s overwhelming too. Thinking about organizing into some sublists, e.g. Tutorial smaller set, then Advanced, maybe throw in Gift Clear as well.

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That action will apply to the whole list. The Librarian challenge requires you to do the action for a single task :blush: