Tips and Tricks Master List

It would be super helpful to have a place where you can look up gestures and hidden tricks.

I had to come to the forum to look up how to make text bigger in lists and at the same time learned how to make text smaller.

Also forgot how to move items from one list to another because I forgot the half circle area at the bottom.

A place in the app that we can look up those things would be super helpful or the ability to look at a tutorial again. (Or even on the website. It might be there but I couldn’t find it)

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We’ll be improving on this. I think 2.1 separating out rewards into sublists, and a tutorial set to look at first might be a good place to start. Will see if we can fill in some missing tutorial rewards in 2.1.1 or 2.1.2 that help onboard things like the simple formatting, or the incoming widgets and daily push feature or per-list personalizing.


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