Jumpy reminders

Hey hey!

I use reminder tasks to lay out scheduled appointments for the day, and put tasks between.

I need really clear instructions for myself, and I sometimes function by only looking at the top item and focusing on that instead of looking down the list.

BUT! Sometimes I plan to do too much and my reminder to leave at 4:00 will get buried in all the stuff I thought I’d do before I had to go.

I would love a complication where
reminders automatically bounce to the top
of the list when they’re scheduled so that the top of my list is always exactly what I should be doing!

Just a thought… Would this be helpful to anyone else? It seems like a good improvement since complications only have to effect user experience if you want it to :slight_smile:


That’s a great idea! I’d find that really helpful too as if I often dismiss the reminder, but then get distracted before I can deal with the thing I’m being reminded about. At least a jumpy reminder would give me a backup nudge the next time I compulsively switch to the Clear app :joy:

On the subject of setting reminders, I’m not sure if it’s just me but I tend to instinctively swipe right from the middle of the screen (habit I suppose) which doesn’t quite give me enough room to easily hit the ‘set reminder’ action. I know the simple solution is to start the swipe action from further left, but I wondered if anyone else feels this drag distance needs to be a little shorter than it is currently…?

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I do consider the current swipe past checking off kind of cludgy.

My plan for some time has been move it eventually to swipe right while editing a row (keyboard up), so it’s not fighting checking off. But I am not in a rush to move it right now with some people still confused about the first move.

@huntsearchfind this is an interesting idea.

I will say with Clear we are generally hesitant of ‘smart’ behavior that tries to anticipate what you might manually do and do it automatically… (One reason is we are always surprised at the different ways people are playing in our sandbox, so even a heuristic that might be correct 95% of the time I’m worried about the 5% it confuses or disappoints, or messes with someone’s flow.)

But I understand the usecase/problem, will be wondering here if there are some other more ‘manual’ angles to improve this situation.

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Makes sense!

Coming back to this: Would having it as a feature under “complications” be too much? Even if it’s off by default? I’m definitely more familiar with the app, so not sure if I’m overlooking something that a newbie might find confusing.