Check to Reminder

Way too often I go to check an item off a list and I swipe too far so the reminder option pops up. It’s fine if it’s just 1 item. But if it’s more than 1 item then it won’t go away. Even if I set a time. Even if I set a time and then delete the item, the reminder tab on the bottom remains. I have to completely back out of the app to get rid of it. Is it just me?

If you accidentally trigger the reminder on an item, try to set a reminder again, then hit Clear, and it returns to normal.

You’d think that would work but it doesn’t. Not for me at least.

Interesting. What phone do you have and what happens when you hit clear?

iP13pro. It opens a new line at the bottom of the list. I can add a new item but when I go back to the list the reminder option is still there.

Happened to me too… If you (accidentally) set a reminder on multiple items at the same time, you get multiple date/time pickers on top of eachother. You can only close the top one. You’re stuck with the next one until you kill the app and restart it. :sweat_smile:

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I’m trying to reproduce here, what exactly do you all mean by reminders on multiple items at the same time? I tried setting one on a couple items in a row but not seeing this yet. Let me know!

I by using multiple fingers to swipe multiple items at the same time. That’s how I did it anyways.


Ahhhhh. Ok yeah. Multi-touch swiping is something we need to put some more work into. There was some pressure to just turn it off ahead of shipping for edge cases like this, but consider it an open thread we will close more later.

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I noticed that swiping multiple tasks too far would trigger the reminder bug… I since stopped using multi swipe and content myself with just swiping items one by one.


Actually the reminder swipe feels like it might still need some fine-tuning. I must say it happens more often than I like to imagine as an occassional accident that I set a reminder instead of simply checking off. Also, it feels kind of counter-intuitive to have it on the same side. I wish this app stayed as simple as possible… but I see a lot of hype and demand around about reminders, so I guess I’d better get used to having them there :slight_smile: … although, as an afterthought - maybe if I could switch the feature off in settings? :thinking: :sweat_smile: :face_in_clouds:


In general I think the better place for it would be swipe right while keyboard is up / you are editing an item, and avoiding the checking off conflict that way. But I’m just holding off from rushing into this change after having just changed it in the first place!

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yeah don’t rush this change lol, I can send you a video of me using the full length of the line to check off an item and it still doesn’t trigger the reminders.

I don’t know if it’s a matter of different phones but the reminder swipe as it is works perfectly on 15 pro. No unintended swipes triggering reminder.

Edit: I did notice the speed makes a difference. Quickly swiping it off won’t trigger reminders. A long slow swipe does.

I get not changing it right now, but mine go off on short, quick, swipes all the time and check changes to timer quickly. iP13 pro