List sorting and Time Reminders

Please in the New Clear keep the functionality of sorting list either by button or shake and please keep adding the time/date reminders the same way it is done in legacy. Putting a day and time manually is such a step back in beta :slight_smile:


Thank you! I really don’t think reminders will make it in the initial new Clear release, but pretty sure we will get to sorting. They should fit in well with personalizable gestures we are setting aside.

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Reminders are such key core function of this wonderful app….


Yes, reminders are a must. They’re really useful. I use these a lot.


What’s the reason of not having any form of reminders? I got used to the new way of typing “wednesday” or “in 60m” even though it had some learning curve. Using Clear without reminders feels like 50% of experience. Please bring it back in any form.


The reminder function is a must have - please be sure to program it


I liked the Add Reminder feature of the original app. :+1: +1


Just a note that we got in alphabetical list sort option today, among several other useful actions you can pair with personalizable gestures. Testing this internally, will hit TestFlight probably next week.


I love this addition, thanks for adding it!

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That looks great… now the question is AFTER it sorts alphabetically, can you then resort as normal?

No, what it does right now is alpha sort, then if you do it again, reverse alpha (and toggle back and forth from that point on). BUT I’m pretty sure we can layer on the ability to undo it?

Wait are you saying the toggle is: 1.) alpha; 2.) reverse alpha; 3.) manual?

Right now it would be like, you start with your manual sorted list. First sort alpha sorts, second sort reverse alpha, and then it would repeat alpha/reverse/alpha/reverse etc. as you keep triggering it.

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Yes, but… can you also manually sort at any time after alpha sort? I don’t think this feature is in the test build so I can’t check it out.

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You cannot no, we can see if that makes sense to layer on. But can check out the initial version in the new TF!


Any chance that alphabetizing can be added not only to sort items in a list, but the list of lists itself? That’s the thing I need alphabetized the most out of anything. It’s the longest list! And then if there’s a list I want to keep at the top I can just subvert the sort by adding a number or a symbol to the title.

Also, when you first posted this I tried it out and it worked, but it doesn’t seem to work anymore. Was it just temporary?