What's happened to reminders?

Non-techy user. I can’t seem to add reminders to tasks since the changeover. Is this me or has the feature been removed? Very annoying if so.

Swipe beyond clearing an item.

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Swipe to clear, but a long way past (for me it’s almost across the screen). Then you can add reminders.

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Are you on SE? I could see it being very awkward there as is, thinking on how to best improve.

I am on SE, it takes roughly a 75% swipe across the screen to get to reminders and it is a hit or miss (accidentally clearing instead of setting a reminder).

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Ok yeah I’m seriously considering moving it to while editing an item, to avoid the checking off overlap and issues. Just gotta sleep on it because we would be moving it yet again, so it has to be the right place this time!

I’m on iPhone 13 Pro, but testing it I realize it’s not as far as I thought. It’s probably about 50% of the screen width, but since I’m swiping with my right thumb I’m usually grabbing just left of center to pull. That means I stretch almost all the way to the screen edge, which feels awkward.

But this is like the fourth place I whine about this, so I guess I’ve made my point and can leave it😅

It’s a not well known app on iOS, but their swiping functionality/adjustability would really fit Clear, but that might just be the case since I am still on an iPhone SE…


FWIW I’ve used plenty of regular reminders on 15 Pro and have had no issues with any sort of overlap between checking off and setting a reminder. Works great.


I’ll agree here but I’m up to try out any change. I find the slightly longer pull as being more deliberate than if it were tuned to be a very slight change in length of pull.

The only time I find myself accidentally triggering set a reminder is if I’m swiping fast to check off many thoughts in succession or if I’m swiping to check off multiple thoughts at the same time. It’s rare that it occurs but it happens occasionally.

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Yeah it’s not that I consider it broken, but the tension of it fighting the checkmark was always kind of problematic. You can see the awkwardness in how we place it further away with the trailing icon and have it fade in over a second, all to avoid it flashing in while just casually checking things off. (And it is punishing as it is if you accidentally check off when you meant to set reminder.)

It’s like, a working solution, but not elegant in my eyes.

So I think just avoiding this conflict could be a more elegant final place for it, but will sleep on it!!