iCloud not working

I updated to the latest version. iCloud setting is ON for both phones. But the lists are not syncing as they used to in the old app. Please fix.


Unfortunately, the syncing code has been retired with this release.

The lists will still be backed up but will not sync.

Fixing it is in our roadmap, but it is a long-drawn project.

Could you please tell where can I check icloud settings in a new Clear version?

There is no icloud settings for Clear 2. The data is backed up to your phone automatically. Now if the phone is backed up via icloud, your Clear 2 data is also backed up.

I hope that helps.

Are you going to fix icloud sync between iPhone, iPad and MacBook in future? Am I got you right? There is no estimated date when it will be fixed?

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I use Clear for years on both iPhone and Mac. Sync is really important to me.

I updated to the new Clear on the iPhone. This broke the sync on Mac. I made some changes on the iPhone that do not propagate to the Mac app, but it also doesn’t show me any errors. It seems the new version might be storing the data under a separate name in iCloud (just guessing)?

Can I downgrade to the old version so that the sync works for me?

I like the update on the iPhone but the sync is > new features for me…


I echo the points made by [alexkli].

Sync between 2 iphones/ipads was one of the main features that I have used Clear for so many years over any other app (including Apple Notes). I was disappointed to see this feature was not included and regret that I was forced to upgrade.

If it is possible to have 2 versions of the app, I would switch back to older version in a heartbeat.

Please consider moving the SYNC feature as a priority in the new Clear.


I agree. PLEASE don’t force us to upgrade to 2.0 and let us continue using 1.7.11, until there is a Mac version that works with the new one.


I used Clear on multiple devices and the sync feature was essential. Without the syncing functionality I don’t have a use for it - back to Apple notes,


Unfortunately, there is no way to downgrade the app.

We had ceased work on the Mac version, and it was slowly deteriorating.

I’d also like to request that iCloud syncing be brought back into the mix. I use Clear with my wife to keep track of grocery and other shopping needs, but without sync we’ll need to find another list app or use Apple Notes. The new app looks great otherwise. Thanks!!

Screenshot 2024-01-09 alle 09.47.05

Sorry but is the data that appears in the photo ((settings>icloud>manage space) with the new Clear 2 icon actually data from the new app or is it that of the old version which only updated the icon? I would like to better understand if the new version of Clear uses iCloud

This is very sad. I, like many here have been using Clear since the beginning — simple unfussy and reliable sync between multiple devices (including desktop Mac) was the singular thing that made Clear so special. So special I would happily have paid for continued multi-platform support. What seems so bewildering is how this could have been missed by the development team so I guess it’s the end of the road.


I lost all my tasks! Clear was syncing with iCloud until yesterday. The new version should be better and start from the features Clear always have. It’s unbelievable you missed that concept.

Now I cannot downgrade, I can’t see all my lists and tasks… This launch made this (almost perfect GTD) app useless for older clients that supported you for many many years, like me.

It’s a launch for just new customers.


Oh man. The sync between Mac and iPhone was the number 1 reason I’ve been using this app for 10+years. Without that feature it’s of no use to me :frowning: Gonna have to find a new solution despite really loving this app.


Don’t force people to use New Clear if a significant, critical feature is broken. This is irresponsible.


Without sync, clear is just another mediocre list app. Discontinuing sync makes no sense. And on top of that, there is no way to downgrade to the legacy app? Ridiculous. I would have paid a fee to continue having sync, but that’s not even an option. Sadly, it’s time to find an alternate solution.


+1 for moving sync up on the roadmap. As someone who uses multiple devices in the Apple world, and has been a user of Clear for years, not having iCloud Sync available on launch is a significant omission. I know that syncing has been a challenge in the past with this app. The use of it will be otherwise limiting, at this stage. Hope you’ll consider having it as a priority feature. Thanks much.


Please restore iCloud sync between iOS devices. This feature is half the reason I use Clear.


we understand the roadmap for icloud synching however we should have been able to continue the old app. what are we going to do now?