Icloud sync with desktop app

Hi everyone,

i use Clear for years, on osx desktop and ios. icloud synced.

My IOS app just got automatically updated on my phone and there is no option in settings for syncing. Lists dont sync anymore on desktop.

Why ? and more important, how to get back to this mandatory feature ?



Apologies, we have to build back up to this and we don’t have a solid timeline quite yet. If you relied on this especially with Clear Mac purchase, you can reach out to me at phill@impending.com for a refund. (Please just send screenshot of your purchase in Mac App Store app + your PayPal if not US App Store account.)

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i don’t want a refund, i buyed the app in january 2013, i’m happy to have paid for your work.

10 years and removing such kind of feature is clearly something that (as ux designer) i dont understand.

I made list on phone, check things on desktop, and vice versa. So simple, so usefull.

Very disappointing, can’t understand, now i have to found another list app with this feature, with a not so good UX an UI, and transfer maybe 30 o 40 lists.


I appreciate that, and yeah I apologize about the lack of communication here and this regression.

Basically it needs a rewrite (literally 12+ years old codebase) but at least back then, sync engine + Clear Mac 1.0 was like 1.5 years production effort, which we can’t afford to do upfront for Clear 2 relaunch. So we hope to build back up to it.

I have some hopes we can drastically reduce the production costs this time around with the latest tech from Apple etc. but we will need to do some initial scouting before knowing more there. If it happens to be doable sooner than we expected like this, we will go for it.

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